About us

We are THLF eSports, founded by Scarlett Zanoni, also known from Twitch as ScarlettsRace. We where founded in May 2021 and we already have huge success. Our philosophy is to give everyone who will become a good sim racer in the future a chance and to bring them self and our team to the top. Our team is managed very professional. For now we are driving the VRS GT Endurance series every Saturday or Sunday all together and all sportscar Special events. Some Drivers also racing in other Team series to. With over 60 active drivers we are the largest iRacing team in the world right now. For our drivers we have free setups, coaching if its required, live broadcast of the team races, every day a Team practice server open and much more.

No matter how much experience you have and no matter what level you are, you are very welcome with us. So if you also interested to join our awesome Team, feel free to add SaschaTHLF#2509 on Discord, he is the Driver Manager.

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